Credit Report Authorization

By checking the box and continuing with the application process, you authorize Momnt Technologies, Inc. fka Artis Technologies d/b/a Manor Credit, and its service providers (collectively, “we”, “us”, or “our”) and subsequent holders of the loan to obtain one or more credit reports (also known as consumer reports) and other information about you from one or more consumer reporting agency, such as TransUnion, Equifax, or Experian, and/or other third party sources. You acknowledge that we may use the credit report for any purpose permitted by law, including:

  1. to authenticate you are who you say you are;
  2. to identify and offer available financial products and service options to you; 
  3. to evaluate any application and make credit decisions; 
  4.  to conduct servicing or monitoring of any product you may obtain from us and/or collecting or enforcing any loan that you may receive through us; 
  5. to obtain a credit score and/or provide your credit data to you; 
  6. to determine your current debt-to-income ratio; and/or
  7. for other purposes related to our products and services. 

You understand that, after evaluating your complete application and checking your report, we may decide not to offer credit or products to you.

You agree that we may collect information from credit bureaus after funding, in order to provide data to investors that may be interested in purchasing your loan, to evaluate risks associated with your loan and monitor changes to your credit profile, to display credit information to you, and to analyze data and offer you additional products or services. You authorize us to verify information in your credit report, and you agree that we may contact third parties without further notice to you to verify any and all information as it relates to the above matters or which you have provided to us in connection with a request/application for credit or to administer or monitor your loan account if a loan is made.